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Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: Today at 01:58:23 »
V @menion - the Route Planner just gets better & better. The latest changes are very impressive.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: September 17, 2018, 02:15:32 »
In all my latest recorded tracks, I have extreme ascend/descend values, >400% at times. Elevation values are by srtm here, they replace gps values. I did not change it. This makes the graph unusable. Anyone else?
@tapio - yes I had same experience one month ago - see ongoing discussion here.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: September 17, 2018, 02:13:23 »
@menion, Andrew Heard
I know that with the red dot.
But at a long distance 40 km. Only 2 points (start, finish) If there is 1 red point.
If I zoom in to change details on the track, I may not even see it.
So I have to zoom out to see him. But then I do not see details anymore
So it would be more comfortable if I could just pull the route.lang drücken auf Route.
long press on route.
Pull to new place
Let go and then there is a shaping point
This can then possibly change to a via point.
@freischneider - I think you are suggesting allow swipe of route, not just at the mid-point icon but anywhere along the route - nice idea, I agree

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: September 15, 2018, 07:47:31 »
I have just installed Locus Pro 3.32.2 & beta onto a new 7.1 tablet. I did a backup from phone to ZIP file which was copied across & then restored. For some reason it took many many restarts before correct Presets were displayed, and config.cfg setting dev_gui_main_rescale_value was used. Changing the Backup folder from default /Locus/Backups to /Downloads/Locus would each time cause a crash.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: September 15, 2018, 03:51:40 »
@Andrew Heard
but as I wrote: you cannot move with a single trackpoint! You can move only with three type of points:
- red circle: middle point in the segment used for quick and easy creating of another shaping points
- green triangle: shaping point
- blue square: via point
So about which point we talk here? Moving directly with trackpoints is not acceptable: you never may be sure, which point you are moving with and also there are other options how to add a point in the middle of the track on exact place.
@menion - sorry for this ongoing confusion - a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words so below is simple route with start/ finish Shaping point, and Track point:

If I tap the cyclist icon the bottom dialog shows this point is a Track point and can be converted to a Shaping, Via, or Navigation point. No problems. I am also able to swipe (tap/ drag) this Track point to any new location on the visible map (with magnifying glass) although as I explained in the post to @freischneider this can be problematic if the zoom is low or the map distance is large. So I can't see why it is not consistent to allow this Track point to be moved to any new location using the other selection methods.

I agree a new point can be added via the menu; and this will have the desired outcome too. But I explain this UX to another user thus: tap on red, green or blue icon then choose new location, but don't tap on the cyclist icon, you can only choose a new location for this point from the menu sorry.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: September 15, 2018, 03:39:24 »
Notes to Event Manager. I apologize, I will continue to write Czech, my English is no longer enough.
@Žajdlík Josef - I think your English is very impressive. In any language specific thread (not a mixture of languages) it is nice not to have to translate from one language to another if possible so please persist if can please.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: September 15, 2018, 03:32:43 »
For others, I can simply pull the track or route (google Maps on PC). I click the route anywhere. Then I draw the line where I want. And already a new route is calculated. You could then create a shaping point on the spot. Can you do something like that?
@freischneider - is that a suggestion for me? The Route Planner already allows a tap/drag (or swipe) of a Track/ Shaping/ Via point to force the route through a new point. If you are zoomed out the new point may be quite inaccurate as it doesn't snap to nearby road; or desired road may not even be visible at current zoom level.

I'm just suggesting an alternative which seems entirely consistent with point selection in other parts of Locus. Tap on track point - the bottom dialog is displayed similar to Shaping or Via point:

then tap on Circle icon to access other point selection methods:

For short distance a swipe of the point to a nearby position may be OK but sometimes one of these other existing methods (My Points/ Coordinate/ Search) may be more convenient.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: September 14, 2018, 08:04:40 »
For other points, it does not make sense, because moving of navigation point or a single trackpoint just break computed route. Or did I understand incorrectly?
At present I can tap/drag the trackpoint to a new location to force a route recalculation. That is as long as the new location is on the visible map otherwise I have to zoom out/ in. I can be tedious. So my suggestion is that when you tap the trackpoint and the new bottom dialog is displayed, why not allow the position to be changed as well. This would simply be a superset of existing tap/drag functionality but with ability to move the point with all the standard means - exact lat/lon, existing point, select on map etc. For me it makes total sense & seems like the one last remaining part of route planning to improve.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: September 13, 2018, 09:18:00 » Route Planner - a joy to use - well done @Menion. New track point icon - nice.

Bug (maybe) - when a Navigation (small blue) point is selected then deleted by tap of Bin icon the small blue icon on the map remains and needs repainting without any point? If I tap this small blue point it is described as a track point?

Suggestion - when a track point is selected display the GPS location in same way (bottom line) as a Via point, and thus allow this point to be moved by tapping the Circle/ Dot icon. This avoids having to drag the track point icon which only works over the visible screen distance, and I have sometimes found quite error prone - tap then immediate drag.

Discussion/New features / Re: Altitude (from GPS) optimizations
« on: September 10, 2018, 23:59:05 »
Have a look into =dashboard]dashboards. It may be what you are wanting.

Troubles & Questions / Re: crash selecting Backup directory
« on: August 19, 2018, 01:39:42 »
And difference: you may see on your own ;). And if now ... one method uses Google own system (these directories are then also writable for the app!), second, Locus file browser, then select directories only for read-only.
@menion - interesting - thanks for the info. For the use-case of Locus special directory selection would it be simpler & more consistent to use the Locus file browser for all directories? It seems more intuitive than Google's own system.

Troubles & Questions / Re: crash selecting Backup directory
« on: August 19, 2018, 01:36:31 »
Posts for beta please write here
@freischneider I don't believe this topic is directly related to beta.

Troubles & Questions / Re: can't download elevation data from store
« on: August 18, 2018, 02:25:37 »
@menion beta: No reply but I confirm the actual download is now successful; I assume fix was related to "sea" area. Thanks.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: August 18, 2018, 02:06:07 »
@menion beta: minor suggestion & not directly related to beta, but when I go to LoStore & tap Download (icon) for an existing map then tap DOWNLOAD button there is no feedback the download has commenced (or not) until I return to the main screen & see the notifications. On 1st attempt I thought maybe I didn't tap the button, so tapped the DOWNLOAD button a 2nd time, and hence two notifications of download.

Troubles & Questions / Re: crash selecting Backup directory
« on: August 18, 2018, 01:39:24 »
Now working in beta thanks. Still unsure why using two different folder selection methods. One method in Export folder selection, but different in Backup folder selection. No mention of bug fix in release notes.

folder selection #1 UI for these folders: mapsOnline, maps, mapItems, export, geocaching
folder selection #2 UI for these folders: mapsVector, backup, srtm

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