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Guidance panel? You mean small panel visible when "Guidance to point" is enabled? Tested and is still there ... maybe settings Guidance > Guidance panel disabled?

turning"on" or off the guidance panel doesn't change its visibility at all here. i can get a system/log dump if you tell me how. a few other people have verified the same action I'm seeing.

the guidance part at the top is not effected by the settings change-

please see attached screenshots

Troubles & Questions / Re: Time stamps in recorded tracks?
« on: September 30, 2018, 13:16:28 »
after a long time..  :D
I recorded a cycle track, which I paused for cup of coffee. Now I wanted to see, at what time I restarted the record. But I can´t find this (any) time information. Maybe I´m blind. 8)

look at the graph, for any amount of time you stopped you should see a flat love for elevation/speed instead of changes. very easy to spot stops this way.

I've noticed the guidance panel has disappeared (the one that was minimal) and the songs for turning on/off the guidance panel have no effect.

thank for squashing these bugs ! :-)

Troubles & Questions / Re: Offline Navigation with bRouter in 3.33.0
« on: September 27, 2018, 18:20:07 »
ditto, i was using graph Hopper and it was fine. brouter caused an irrecoverable crash. then locus would not open again.

You were able to use SD card for point/track database before?? Rooted device? Android 4.1 or 4.2?
Otherwise Locus Map is unable to write into database placed on SD card!

this was on a Android 5.1 device. update 3.32.2 send, no more startup errors anymore!

thank you!

Hmm even with the latest version? And checkbox at the bottom with "Don't ask" make no difference, you always see the exactly same screen?

I couldn't use my locus database on the sdcard anymore, had to switch to the internal (I'm guessing at this point) before I could select "do not ask again".

I'm guessing it could be related to startup from sdcard ?

does this happen also with update 3.32.1 (published maybe two hours ago)?

yes in most recent also. I unmounted my sdcard and rebooted a few times to see if it was a sdcard issue. I'll try again this evening.

I haven't changed the location of locus or it's directories since several updates ago. now, locus complains my filesystem is read only. the only way to fix this is to go into device administrators section and disallow then allow locus. then it will start normally.

this only started happening with the last two updates.


happens anytime I try to export a long track. this track is created from a LOT of tracks that were merged into one (using locus merge function) , ending with 7,500+ miles of tracks to display.

it will crash /hang when trying to display that merged track, or exporting. I can see the statistics, but that is all.

any hints/help ?

(the reason for merging all these tracks is because I'm trying to find a away report ALL of my tracks to get a running total)

Troubles & Questions / Mass export of all tracks?
« on: June 07, 2018, 18:41:22 »
I have a large database (100+mb) of tracks and waypoints. I would love to be able to export ALL of them, from all the sub directories, into similarly named directories. there are times I want to wipe out the database and start new, but expiring all the tracks would be very time consuming.

ohgood, thanks, you are correct with tap on map. Will be fixed in next version.
What you mean by left/right panning? When you "tap and hold" on the map, you are not able to switch to right "statistics" tab?

thanks Menion. no, the statistics still work when swiped left/right to access those panels. it's the small map preview in the screenshot that no longer moves around as it used to. previously it would move left/right and I think up/down when it was dragged. now, no movement happens.

Troubles & Questions / touching map preview no longer works...
« on: June 05, 2018, 15:14:06 »
when viewing a track information, touching the map preview at the top no longer allowed for left/right panning, nor does touching it once return to the main map with track centered as it used to.

this is locus 3.31.0

Troubles & Questions / Re: Older versions, where?
« on: April 10, 2018, 12:16:30 »
hey guys, you really need to rethink the "older versions" thing !   currently the GPS issues are bad, accuracy is gone, turning on/off GPS in locus settings does nothing to the actual GPS usage, and I'm seeing BIG battery drains in both the recent beta and pro versions.

I'm going to have to tell people that "updating is bad, don't do it right now" and that never sounds good. :-(

the Duraforce (4.5"), Duraforce xd (5.7") and Duraforce pro have been very good for me.

here are two mounts I've used on motorcycles doing hard Enduro , that work very very well.

and one that is even better

the Duraforce do not need cases.

The Duraforce reviews on Amazon don't look too good. What's the screen visibility like on sunny days?

It's about average as far as smartphones go. It's NOT a transflective display, so I won't be screaming with high visibility, but I use it on my bicycle and motorcycle in full sunlight without issue. It's tough enough to handle hugging trees several times each weekend on enduro mode, and dropped into a fire (twice!), along with some creek skipping. :-)

Troubles & Questions / Re: Geo tagged photos layer is broken ?
« on: February 11, 2018, 14:12:06 »
thank you @menion, geotagged photos layer is working nicely again now :-)

I was just prepping a tutorial for how to use it and realized it had issues, so I posted here. Now to get started on that youtube tutorial again :-)

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