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Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: Yesterday at 13:47:31 »
Is the 'confirmation on exit' back in the Beta?

Troubles & Questions / Re: Kilometers of track
« on: August 09, 2018, 19:16:06 »
Thanks. Voted.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Kilometers of track
« on: August 09, 2018, 10:37:54 »
There is no such a setting to display distance marks automatically.
I would like to use it also. You can put this as an feature request on the help desk.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: August 07, 2018, 15:24:35 »
So both GraphHopper and BRouter should return computed ETA times and the app should only modify these values little bit based on previous user activities.
I'm not sure about "the app should only modify these values little bit".  There is no absolute truth in calculated ETAs, looking at the users tracks will not help, our actions may be too versatile. You add unnecessary complexity.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: August 06, 2018, 21:27:45 »
I've read about the swiss formula; looks like we need a realistic example here. I've searched quite a lot and did not find what those magic constants are.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: August 06, 2018, 18:35:40 »
Interesting algorithm, I tried to insert my current trailrunning data and return a satisfactory ETA. Maybe the fatigue factor is missing, as the number of kilometers increases or the difference in height takes over the fatigue that makes slowing down, while the proposed formula is linear, the reality is a curve.
Obviously you have to compare similar data to get reliable results, you can not enter a time on 100 meters to look for time in the marathon.
However, it has a very good approximation to reality, thanks.
You can use the swiss formula and you will geht mor accurate values.
Code: [Select]
t_t0 = {L · [C0 + (C1 · S) + (C2 · S2) + (C3 · S3) + (C4 · S4) + (C5 · S5) + (C6 · S6) + (C7 · S7) + (C8 · S8) + (C9 · S9) + (C10 · S10) + (C11 · S11) + (C12 · S12) + (C13 · S13) + (C14 · S14) + (C15 · S15)]} / 1000
(L = Horizontaldistanz; S = Steigung; C = Konstante)
And you can insert conditions of the pathes into the formula also / or use different values for running and trailrunning and alpin trail running...
End of OT.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: August 06, 2018, 18:29:19 »
Tapio was faster then me. The hint for the DIN in Germany and for the original Swiss Standard is here on the right place. Thank you for this.
I have a huge database with all my activities including times and elevation, distances etc. And also a simple tool in Excel to calculate the needed time based on the DIN Standard. Computing the average of the appropriate values of my tracks from my db leads always to wrong values, only the values computed from the DIN are right.
The ETA value in Route Planner are always empty in my case because mostly i use a mix of profiles and sometimes the designed tracks are from Brouter Web or i use profile "hiking beta" oder another custom profile template for mountain biking. So no information about the used profiles are available / reliable and the ETA function are not available to me :(

I want Locus to be the "Swiss knife" for my purposes = all-in-one tool. The ETA / needed time is one of the key features i need for planning my routes. Just now i do this within an Excel sheet (and link / compare the values with the time between Sunrise / Sunset <- this idea is free of charge for menion). I would like to have this stuff inside Locus and in a way that work (from within the first track). So @menion, please check the Standard and check your algorithm. Please give us the overkill of "setup of climbing/descending/flat speeds" because it is the only way to get reliable values. Thank you.

For those who are interested in the meantime in calculation. xls or online
I adapted the values in the xls sheet for biking, trail running a.s.o. Works fine.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: August 02, 2018, 22:48:02 »
why you need this confirmation dialog? We removed it as non-standard, useless feature. Does it have any possitive effect on usage of app for You?
The dialog prevented unwanted exit by tapping back buttons by accident with wet fingers, gloves or when out of breath and have shaking fingers. To have to restart Locus in the wild when i only wanted to have a look on the map is a real PITA and should not happen at all.
I could not find any user request to remove this nor a poll either.
The confirmation dialog is an essential thing in Locus like running as a service imho. So please bring it back.
Thank you for understanding.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.32.+ ( 31. 7. 2018 )
« on: August 01, 2018, 21:04:23 »
Where is the confirmation for 'quit Locus' gone??? The new green toast 'tap twice to quit' is not enough.

If you want to get the stats only, activate the appropriate tracks in a folder in trackmanager. Under "arrow up" you will find "statistics"...


Discussion/New features / Re: Show track name along the track
« on: June 20, 2018, 14:28:32 »
Really nice idea, Jeremy! Would like to use it too.
Not sure if @menion understood it right...
These track segments are not different than own recorded tracks: same inaccuracy, only for private use, not on maps.
Its a kind of different labelling only... or am I wrong?
So why not putting this idea on help desk?

Ich erstelle meine Touren als Tracks (gpx) mithilfe von Brouter als Addon in Locus. Dort bei der Auswahl des gewünschten Profils den Haken bei "Navigationshinweise erstellen" mit aktivieren.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Mass export of all tracks?
« on: June 07, 2018, 20:32:26 »
This is not possible at the moment but heavily desired since years (i.e. by me)
You can vote for this topic. May be it will help.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.31.+ ( 4. 6. 2018 )
« on: June 05, 2018, 17:21:27 »
It's a big problem? Track screen on my device usually took almost 4 seconds till it open. I spend on it quite a lot of time and now, after many (mostly invisible) simplifications, we are on half. I anyway plan more radical changes, mainly merge of all tabs into one longer scrollable screen.
Sorry, hiding of map is no longer possible. If this is the serious issue for you (why?) I may consider adding it as a parameter into config.cfg file.
Hi menion,
It's not a big problem but is one problem more in track manager :(
Years ago you redesigned the track manager. Due to this the tiny (and imho very useless) Mini Maps appeared in the track list, The space for the text was cropped and so my long tracknames were cut. The moving text disappeared also. Very sad. Lot of wasted space for the "eye" icon.
Then the tabs in track details were introduced (not bad!) but the font sized decreased (bad for old men like me). I'm used to have all important information in one view if possible. The (redundant) Mini Map in track details is not important because it shows a bulky coloured line on a tiny map window only w/ o any further information or function: means useless and a waste of processor time, battery life and GUI space.
(Same problem in another app for weather forecast: showing the mini map permanently started a shit storm in the forum one year ago. FYI only. I was not involved.)
You should decide which mini map you want to offer to the user. But please not on all places :) At least a parameter in config file would be an option.

Please don't change the tabs to one screen! This forces users to excessive scrolling (psychologically: pseudo movement) and would not be an improvement (imho).

I noticed a better performance when track details are called because the black flickering stopped. Nice.

I would appreciate a combination of map on track and the elevation chart: tapping on the elevation chart showing the appropriate point on the track and vice versa. But may be better not in track details... only an idea.
And a kind of star rating for the tracks in track list would be nice also. My idea in help desk from years ago is gone obviosly.


Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.31.+ ( 4. 6. 2018 )
« on: June 04, 2018, 21:21:18 »
The Mini-Map in Track details could be deactivated until today :(
How to do it in V3.31???

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