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To víš, už je to pár let co celé PLANStudio koupil seznam a udělal z nich "kartografickou divizi". Až se divím, že SmartMaps aplikace mohla fungovat tak dlouho.

To nicméně nic nemění na faktu, že mapy by i nadále měli fungovat korektně, pokud jsou zakoupené a aktivované.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.24.+ ( 31. 5. 2017 )
« on: Today at 07:11:23 »
ah here probably comes a problem.
It is not possible to correctly register receiver for updates without letting know Locus Map that something like happen.

For cases, you wants to register receiver dynamically, it is necessary to ActionTools.refreshPeriodicUpdateListeners method . It is private now, so I'll make it public to next API version.

Second method I recommend is to use registered, but disabled, receiver in manifest

Code: [Select]

                    android:name="" />

And enable/disable it with
Code: [Select]
ActionTools.enablePeriodicUpdatesReceiver or similar
Code: [Select]

I'll also try to add some "automatic refresh" into Locus Map to next version. Let me anyway know if this helped.

EDIT: back, I knew that "private" for refresh has some reason.

So only possible method how to make this all work, is to have receiver registered in manifest!! And enable/disable it on runtime as I mentioned in second method. I'm sure if this will be fixed in your app, it will work correctly. I have to fix this stupid issue in manual as well , sorry my bad.


a to si vždy říkám, že Smartmaps už snad fungují všem :).

Poprosím o test, bez toho nemám šanci zjistit co je za problém. Tady je Locus Map Free test verze: , prosím stáhnout, nainstalovat, spustit, zkusit Smartmaps jestli půjdou a ukončit. Po vpynutí bude v adresáři Locus/logs soubor s logem, tak prosím přiložit sem. Díky

Add-ons / Re: Locus addon for Pebble
« on: Yesterday at 18:09:04 »
Good day Cymru,
there seems to be some issue in latest version of Locus Map. We are working on the solution.

Thank you for understanding.

Thanks for this. It seems to be some issue in Android 6/7. Source code in Locus that write coordinates into images was last changed in October of 2016, so I'm surprised that no one noticed this earlier.

I've anyway found an alternative library that seems to write exif data correctly. So thanks for a bug report, should be solved in next version.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.24.+ ( 31. 5. 2017 )
« on: June 21, 2017, 22:55:47 »
hmm damn. Yes there was a change. Google since Android 7 disabled inexact broadcast intents, so now every intent has to be directly send to certain application.

How is your broadcast receiver registered? It's directly in manifest of your app or you use ActionTools.enablePeriodicUpdatesReceiver method over Locus API?

Hmm interesting. I was checking some photos few days ago and had similar experience. Interesting is, that Locus should do this for quite a long time (inserting coordinates).

I'm going to check it, thanks ...

Thank you for a bug report. There are indeed some problems with downloaded map file. Seems that file is somehow damaged and do not have expected size.

You have tried this more then once and always same result? You use official ROM without a root? Where is defined root directory of Locus and are you using some special custom directory where "mapsVector" should be? Also is your card encrypted as is allowed by latest Android version?

POI's / Re: POIs comments
« on: June 21, 2017, 14:22:15 »
Finally, perfect!

POI's / Re: POIs comments
« on: June 21, 2017, 13:41:05 »
Weird. If you open locus > menu > about application ... there should be a version. There is really 3.24.2? If so, make sure, you have imported your files with this version, not with previous!

POI's / Re: POIs comments
« on: June 21, 2017, 11:53:39 »
So it works with latest version? Hope so, because I remember there was a small problem with these descriptions in previous version. Perfect, you are welcome and sorry for a complications.


Jinak ne moc dokonale jsem poslední dobou sledoval tuto i jiné BRouter diskuze, nicméně pokud budete chtít updatovat defaultní BRouter profily co jsou natvrdo nahrané v Locusu, dejte vědět ;). Díky

POI's / Re: POIs comments
« on: June 21, 2017, 11:48:16 »
Ah understand ... please try latest Locus Map version from Google Play ...

Good day Wilma,
I'm sorry to hear about troubles with downloading of maps. May I please ask you for a little time? In this case, it is not clear what is a problem.

To get a little more information, please try to create a log by this method , right after this issue happen. In log should be some information ( not guaranteed ) about this problem, thank you!

POI's / Re: POIs comments
« on: June 21, 2017, 11:27:44 »
Thanks for a file.

I'm checking it and all points seems to looks like:

Code: [Select]
<wpt lat="48.299544" lon="1.244377">
<name>Place de l&apos;&#xc9;glise d&apos;Illiers-Combray</name>
<desc><![CDATA[Placard électrique avec 4 prises dans le petit muret en brique rouge à côté du banc face au fleuriste]]></desc>
<gpxx:StreetAddress>14 Place de l&apos;&#xc9;glise</gpxx:StreetAddress>

And all these information are visible in detail of every point. So I really suggest, to check if your data are correctly placed in GPX file.

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