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Themes - Vector maps / How to change theme?
« on: February 28, 2017, 18:08:32 »
Sorry for maybe lame question, but I know nothing about vector themes. And I really need to learn how to do just one little thing:
Need to change scale visibility of Viewpoint icon on Openstreetmaps in Locus - just to see it in more smaller scales.

So, I'm using maps and Elevation theme downloaded from

In theme file Elements.xml I found only one text block with "viewpoint". Is it possible to change something to be able to see Viewpoints in 1-2-3 smaller scale?

<rule cat="tourism-outdoor" e="any" k="*" v="*" zoom-min="9">
      <rule e="any" k="tourism" v="viewpoint">
         <rule e="any" k="natural" v="~">
            <rule e="any" k="tower" v="~">
               <symbol src="file:../ele_res/s_viewpoint.svg" symbol-width="16dp" />

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