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Troubles & Questions / Another offline address not found
« on: August 17, 2017, 06:11:43 »
Offline address search > South Australia > city:Adelaide > street:"shearwater drive" is not found
map: Oceania/ Australia/ south_australia.osm.db
I bought the latest version for confirmation just in case, but no change: 2017/07/22

lat/lon and street clearly shown in screen cap below:

other search results are valid:

Troubles & Questions / No voice during navigation simulation
« on: October 31, 2016, 01:22:03 »
I have noticed a difference in navigation simulation operation between me and 0709. See - Willy has GPS turned off - navigation simulation - and TTS voice (beeps) are correctly heard as each waypoint is approached.

But when I perform the exact same with his supplied track and nav_audio files, no TTS voice is heard. If instead I use a GPS simulator eg. Lockito each waypoint is correctly announced, same as 0709.

So a question with my setup, why should navigation announcement occur with "proper" GPS (GPS icon green) but not with GPS simulation (GPS disabled, dragging map)? Thanks for any advise.

Observation: Locus will (sometimes) start in guiding mode (ignores the first waypoint/ navigation command) but with the same track other times starts correctly in navigation mode (displays distance to first navigation command). It is not dependent on whether I "Add new route" in Locus or use To/From quick-point BRouter method.

With a very simple track Locus starts 100% reliably in navigation mode.

I have also found a workaround - while guiding then tapping "Recalculate" Locus then always goes into navigation mode and displays the next waypoint (navigation command if any).

I don't know whether this applies more widely than with using BRouter as a navigation source because I only use BRouter. I hadn't experienced this problem before BRouter 1.4.x, but then again I haven't used navigation for a few months.

I recently installed BlueStacks so I can use Locus Pro with Windows. It worked very nicely, easy to setup but I uninstalled when it started asking for a monthly subscription fee or having to "rate" some silly game apps. So I am now trying Genymotion (free/ private). Lots more work to set up, more focus towards developers, and sadly not working properly yet for Locus. I managed to install Google Play Services and I've been able to install other apps OK. But when I run Locus Pro 3.12.2 and get the once-off request to download the 5MB "additional data", and I click OK, I then get an error 1810. If I follow the link it goes to Locus online manual: main > manual > faq > libraries_at_start but no mention of 1810. I assume it is related to Google Play or Google Play Services, some Google API error code? but as I've said Genymotion seems to be working for other apps. Any thoughts? I can't find any references to "1810" in this forum. Thanks.

Free chat / forum problem
« on: May 06, 2015, 12:34:51 »
sorry for all the identical posts - each time I click "Post" I got this stupid error below

some special character in the post text? does it happen to anyone else?

Information / forum - helpdesk
« on: April 10, 2015, 01:19:58 »
It would be nice if Locus just had one "forum" instead of reading duplicate/ parallel discussions in two different "forums" - and I know was first. Maybe a phase out of this somehow, with everyone having to move to after certain date? seems better in all functionality respects.

I have only just come across this forum -
Up until now I thought all discussion had been at That's where I had created all my topics.
They appear to serve the same purpose.
What is the difference?

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