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or ref.
way is C318 Buckland Road, Tasmania, Australia
south of this point at 90 degree turn the way is marked unknown, although in actual fact is sealed
north of this point the way is correctly marked as unsealed
I can't find any Locus theme that distinguishes between unpaved & unknown surface. Often important for a road cyclist. But to be fair, displaying this section of road in OSM, Google Maps, RWGPS, and BRouter Web, with all possible themes, there is sadly no difference between the two sections either. The surface history has not changed for a long time, but to be sure I bought the latest Locus vector map anyway (30/10/2017).

Any suggestions?

Troubles & Questions / Can slope filtering be improved?
« on: November 22, 2017, 11:13:09 »
Our hard working friend @0709 has created a very interesting and insightful test track to expose some current shortcomings with Locus slope filtering. What it shows is a smearing of track slope resulting a deceptively lower % at places where the slope is changing. Because SRTM elevation data is only every 30 x 40 metres it may not be possible to improve the situation much but I thought I’d ask…

Does this really matter? Well say there is a short sharp upcoming hill, say +20% slope, but only for 300 metres. Locus may only show this tortuous climb as +10%.

As shown here in Garmin Basecamp (also similar in Gps Visualizer) the attached test track has precise transitions
from 0% to 25%

Basecamp displays the slope accurately as 0%, +25% and -25%.

Locus on the other hand has quite aggressive filtering. The first +25% ‘hill’ starts at exactly 1.9km but the Locus chart shows the slope slowing increasing at 1.5km and only reaches the proper +25% at 2.3km.

If the track style is set to manual slope coloring -25% to +25% you would expect the color to be green from 0km to 1.9km then dark red/ brown after 1.9km. But instead the color starts changing thru various shades over a distance of 500 metres, starting before the hill even begins:

One real-world shortcoming is when a steep slope is less than 500m long. For example below the 25% slope is 200m long, then flat again. Locus calculates the slope as only 15%. And the track color is pale green/ orange for only 100m.

ensure settings > tap on track: popup, not screen

tap on track > track info > tap on greater than > menu popup > tap on Show on elevation chart > 1st tab of track info is displayed and chart tab should then be selected/ chart displayed, but isn't.

I normally set chart X axis to distance, but today needed to accurately measure time stopped (3 places). To my surprise these times @ 78, 106 and 281 minutes show non-zero speed! All 3 times the line is perfectly straight over periods of many minutes (5, 14, 4 minutes respectively), clearly unlikely for a cyclist of my ability. It appears the speed at beginning of the stop is displayed as last non-zero speed, and straight line is then drawn to first non-zero speed once riding again.

Black vertical lines show period while speed should be 0km/h:

Troubles & Questions / Another offline address not found
« on: August 17, 2017, 06:11:43 »
Offline address search > South Australia > city:Adelaide > street:"shearwater drive" is not found
map: Oceania/ Australia/ south_australia.osm.db
I bought the latest version for confirmation just in case, but no change: 2017/07/22

lat/lon and street clearly shown in screen cap below:

other search results are valid:

Troubles & Questions / No voice during navigation simulation
« on: October 31, 2016, 01:22:03 »
I have noticed a difference in navigation simulation operation between me and 0709. See - Willy has GPS turned off - navigation simulation - and TTS voice (beeps) are correctly heard as each waypoint is approached.

But when I perform the exact same with his supplied track and nav_audio files, no TTS voice is heard. If instead I use a GPS simulator eg. Lockito each waypoint is correctly announced, same as 0709.

So a question with my setup, why should navigation announcement occur with "proper" GPS (GPS icon green) but not with GPS simulation (GPS disabled, dragging map)? Thanks for any advise.

Observation: Locus will (sometimes) start in guiding mode (ignores the first waypoint/ navigation command) but with the same track other times starts correctly in navigation mode (displays distance to first navigation command). It is not dependent on whether I "Add new route" in Locus or use To/From quick-point BRouter method.

With a very simple track Locus starts 100% reliably in navigation mode.

I have also found a workaround - while guiding then tapping "Recalculate" Locus then always goes into navigation mode and displays the next waypoint (navigation command if any).

I don't know whether this applies more widely than with using BRouter as a navigation source because I only use BRouter. I hadn't experienced this problem before BRouter 1.4.x, but then again I haven't used navigation for a few months.

I recently installed BlueStacks so I can use Locus Pro with Windows. It worked very nicely, easy to setup but I uninstalled when it started asking for a monthly subscription fee or having to "rate" some silly game apps. So I am now trying Genymotion (free/ private). Lots more work to set up, more focus towards developers, and sadly not working properly yet for Locus. I managed to install Google Play Services and I've been able to install other apps OK. But when I run Locus Pro 3.12.2 and get the once-off request to download the 5MB "additional data", and I click OK, I then get an error 1810. If I follow the link it goes to Locus online manual: main > manual > faq > libraries_at_start but no mention of 1810. I assume it is related to Google Play or Google Play Services, some Google API error code? but as I've said Genymotion seems to be working for other apps. Any thoughts? I can't find any references to "1810" in this forum. Thanks.

Free chat / forum problem
« on: May 06, 2015, 12:34:51 »
sorry for all the identical posts - each time I click "Post" I got this stupid error below

some special character in the post text? does it happen to anyone else?

Information / forum - helpdesk
« on: April 10, 2015, 01:19:58 »
It would be nice if Locus just had one "forum" instead of reading duplicate/ parallel discussions in two different "forums" - and I know was first. Maybe a phase out of this somehow, with everyone having to move to after certain date? seems better in all functionality respects.

I have only just come across this forum -
Up until now I thought all discussion had been at That's where I had created all my topics.
They appear to serve the same purpose.
What is the difference?

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