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[DE] - deutschsprachiger Forumsbereich / Bild in Log einfügen
« on: November 23, 2017, 13:51:43 »
Hallo balloni55,
.... und füge ein Bild ein, welches im Log erscheinen soll .....
.... das geht auch. Wie? Kannst Du mir Deine Vorgehensweise "kurz" erklären. Auch gerne per PN.


Troubles & Questions / api logging date changes at groundspeak
« on: May 09, 2017, 11:20:00 »

by chance I found a topic in the GSAK forum about api logging date changes at groundspeak.
Is this already known to you?


Troubles & Questions / Problem with my own CustomScreen
« on: August 07, 2015, 11:42:46 »

using Locus Pro 3.10.3 I have had a little problem with my own CustomScreen.
I. e. I build a CustomScreen with an arrow on it, which should point to the target poi (geocache).
Unfortunately the arrow did not rotaed when i move, so it points in the wrong direction.

After a few hours of testing I finally maneged to make my arrow rotate too.
I found out, why my arrow did not rotate:
I downloaded the CustomScreen found here because in that example the red arrow works as expected.
Then I found out, that in that example the red arrow did no longer work, if you remove the section

Code: [Select]
<!-- Kompass -->

locus:slideInfinite="[true]" />

out of the main.xml-file.

When I now add a similar code to my CustomScreen included the locus:action="{orient_course}" the arrow rotates as expected.

My question:
(1:) Is it a bug, that the locus:action="{guide_wpt_angle}" did not work, if there is no locus:action="{orient_course}" present in the main.xml-file?
(2.) Is it a "must have" to get locus:action="{guide_wpt_angle}" to work correctly that there is also a locus:action="{orient_course}" anywhere in the main.xml-file?


Troubles & Questions / Reset track map thumbnail to "world view"
« on: June 12, 2015, 22:28:29 »

as described here in the chapter "Tracks List" there is a track map thumbnail for each track in the list.

When I select a track in the track list the track map thumbnail changes from a "world view", i. e. a world map without any detailed info about the track as shown here in the second selected track, to a real little preview which represents the track.

How can I reset that track map thumbnail to the "world view" back?


Troubles & Questions / Problem buying LoCoins
« on: March 10, 2015, 20:38:00 »

I have problems buying LoCoins after installing Locus Pro 3.7.0.

That is:
(1.) I want to download the new PRO Version of the fieldnotes addon via locus store.
(2.) I clicked on "Kaufen" to get the addon.
(3.) Because I have no LoCoins bought so far I clicked on "LOCOINS KAUFEN"
(4.) After selecting 200 LoCoins I entered my password for the Google Play store. To be honest, the first try produced a failure, because I have entered a wrong password. But the second try accepted the password.
(5.) After that I get an error message (sorry I do not know the exact message anymore)
(6.) Despite the error message my balance at the Google Play store was reduced by 2,38 EUR for 200 LoCoins.
(7.) But the available LoCoins shown in the Locus Store is still set to 0!?
(8.) Then I want to buy another 200 LoCoins but Google Play says "Fehler: Diesen Artikel haben sie bereits."

What do I have to do to
either get my 2,38 EUR back to my Google Play balance ....
or get 200 LoCoins on my Locus store account to buy the fieldnotes addon?

I would prefer the second possibility  ;).



I am using Locus Pro 3.6.0 on a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 4.4.2 installed.

There are two links on the tab "ALLGEMEIN" of a geocache.

In the section "GEOCACHE" there is a link labeled with "CACHE-CODE".
In the section "LINKS" there is a link labeled with "URL".

My question:
What is the difference of that two links?

My problem (maybe not really a big problem ;)):
I have the original groudspeak app installed on my device.
If I click on the "CACHE-CODE" link and then want to show the info of that cache within the original groundspeak app, everything works as expected.
If I click on the "URL" link and then want to show the info within the original groundspeak app, an error windows occurs saying "Ungültige URL für Geocache".


Troubles & Questions / Locus export problem or GSAK import problem?
« on: November 03, 2014, 18:55:39 »

in the attached gpx file "Der_Villinger_Magdalenenberg.gpx" created with Locus Pro 3.3.1 there is one geocache with 5 child waypoints present.

If I now import this gpx file with GSAK, GSAK will create 6 geocaches with no child waypoints!?!?!
If I modify the Locus Pro created gpx file by adding "<desc>This is an individual cache generated from</desc>" (see "Der_Villinger_Magdalenenberg edited.gpx"), GSAK imports the geocche with its 5 child waypoints correct!?!?!

Is this a Locus Pro export problem when creating the gpx file?
Or is it an GSAK import problem when importing data from that gpx file?



using Locus Pro 3.3.1 I have a little problem with the trackable TB2F236 currently located in GC29JMR.
That is:
The german "Umlaute" ä, ö, ü (and possibly ß) are missing in the section "Missionsziel". They are not displayed, only left blank.

The section "Missionsziel" of TB48Q7W currently located as well in GC29JMR is displayed correct with ä, ö, ü!?!?!


Troubles & Questions / geocache listing text missing
« on: September 19, 2014, 22:57:26 »
I have a little problem with the geocache in the attached gpx file.

If I import the geocache via the gpx file, the tab "Listing" of that cache is empty respectively shows only empty lines.
Is this a problem of Locus Pro? Or is it a problem caused by the gpx file?


Troubles & Questions / massive problem with new AddOn FieldNotes
« on: September 17, 2014, 19:09:15 »
I am using the newest version of locus pro and the locus pro addon fieldnotes.

During my holidays i have logged 39 geocaches as found. Now when I create gcFieldNotes.txt in a "special way" I have over 200 founds!?!?!?!

I can reproduce the problem to only two found caches in the following szenario:

(1.) start locus
(2.) make shure that there are no fieldnotes present in the addon fieldnotes
(3.) log two geocaches as an offline found
(4.) start addon fieldnotes
(5.) store the two founds offline in gcFieldNotes.txt
(6.) leave locus pro
(7.) start locus pro
(8.) start addon fieldnotes
(9.) now you have 3 found logs instead of 2


Troubles & Questions / Loudness of notification sound
« on: June 23, 2014, 10:48:19 »

in this dialog you are able to set differnt sounds when you are approaching a waypoint / geocache.

Is there a way to set the loundness of that sound different to the standard level of the phone as well?



using Locus Pro 3.0.2. I have the following problem with Android 4.1.2.:

(1) I have moved almost the complete Locus folder from the external sd card to the internal sd card of my smartphone.
(2) After that on the external sd card there are only the "Locus\mapsVecor" and "Locus\data\geocaching" folders still present. In the "Locus\mapsVector" folder there are my vector maps because they do not fit on the internal sd card. The "Locus\data\geoaching" folder is empty at the moment.
(3) At Locus Pro program start I am asked to choose which Locus folder should be used, the one on the external sd card or the one on the internal sd card. I select the folder on the internal sd card. Although I check the checkbox "Nicht noch einmal fragen" the same dialog apears when I restart locus.

What do I wrong?



ich spiele mit dem Gedanken, neben meiner Locus Pro Version auch mal die Testversion von Locus zu installieren.

Wenn ich es richtig verstanden habe, wird diese "parallel" zur bereits installierten Locus Pro Version installiert.
Gibt es dabei eine einfache Methode, sämtliche Einstellungen von Locus Pro auf die Testversion von Locus zu übertragen?
U. U. via einer Backup-Routine aus Locus Pro und einer Restore-Routine in die Testversion von Locus?
Oder geht das nur per Hand?


Troubles & Questions / Info about groundspeak changes
« on: May 14, 2014, 12:12:34 »

as you can read here, groundspeak changes the term "Stages of a Multicache" to "Physical Stage" and "Question to Answer" to "Virtual Stage".

As you can see in the attached gpx-file the corresponding child waypoints are also getting new <sym> .... </sym> tags "<sym>Physical Stage</sym>" and "<sym>Virtual Stage</sym>".

I think, there have to be some adaptions in locus, addons, ...



kann mir jemand sagen, wie das Zusammenspiel zwischen Locos Pro 2.20.2 und der App GPS Status genau aussieht?
Laut diesem Link soll das Zusammenspiel Locus <--> GPS Status ab der Version 3.7 von GPS Status ja möglich sein.

(1.) Was muss ich wo wie einrichten?
(2.) Welche Vorteile habe ich davon?
(3.) Wie merke ich in Locus, dass GPS Status verwendet wird?

Ein entsprechender Link auf ein "How to" reicht schon  ;).


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