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Navigation & Guidance / Locus Navigation experimental
« on: November 20, 2017, 18:21:50 »
Some experiments by gpx I want to share

A gpx route (rte) = Before Router action. (file 1 in zip)
Contains the user placed Via and *Shape Points.
Locus is able to contruct a navigation route inclusive turninstructions.
Compare with Garmin Basecamp router result in attachment:
Routing Garmin Basecamp.gif

A gpx route (rte) = After (a) Router action. (file 2 in zip)

A gpx route (rte + wpt) = After (a) Router action. (file 22 in zip)
Contains the Via and *Shape points, the (router generated) Nav points, the router generated standard rtept's, and free (isolated) wpt's (poi).

Import into Locus.
- Standard rtept's without <sym> are 'actualy' indicated by the "Red Arrow" Icon.
  A cosmetical improvement by discrete small dot Icon would be prefered. See example picture by ViewRanger.
- Rtept and Poi containing Garmin/Locus Icons by <sym> are displayed.

Start Navigate.
- Locus navigate announces the NavPoints and ViaPoints. Poi alerter (if set) announce the Poi's.

- Navigation orders announced, the displayed description text "at random" mostly incorrect.
- Navigation announcements too late because standard rtept's behave as (TTS silent)Via Points.

Optimalisation suggestion:
Only rtept's with <sym>(text) should be promoted into Nav_Point OR Via_Point.

* Full functional Locus to Locus exchange: Point function marker by element <type>: Shape. (optional Via_Nav)

Navigation & Guidance / Strict Navigation
« on: June 20, 2015, 12:53:50 »
Locus V Test.
Navigation -> Advanced settings: Strict route navigation: enabled !

Issue 1: The 8 track problem. Locus takes shortest path to trackend. See attachment File 1.

Issue 2: Export navigation track to share LocustoLocus by gpx v1.1. Strict navigation is lost on complicated tracks :-(
Import: Locus recognises tcx course(track)points and associated course(way)points.
Export: Why complicated system with associated common position *timestamped points for LocustoLocus exchange.

Alternative: gpx system for  LocustoLocus (Navi)tracks exchange.
In export gpx track, integrate navigation instructions in the trackpoints <trkpt>.
All PointType inclusive Locus type support by <sym><name><desc> elements in <trkpt>.
Attributes: Latitude, Longitude. Elements: sym, name, desc.  * Optional: Time, Altitude.
Additional support merged normal waypoints <wpt>.
A trackpoint: (<sym> used is Locus type)

<trkpt lat="51.05003" lon="4.00269">
<desc>Turn left onto Damweg (Portions unpaved).</desc>

Example file: See attachment File 3.

Navigation & Guidance / Navigation Generator
« on: March 31, 2015, 11:26:13 »
Why Navigation(guide) along track ?

Simple compact loud and clear guiding help for relatively (short) circuit designs.
Respecting minimal screen on time or so minimal battery drain.

Perfectly functional on MTB trails and (partly) going off road circuit builds. No shortcuts in circuit driving allowed !
Functional on temporary and unmapped paths also, or paths that even never will be mapped now or in future.
For this purpose some fine tuning/add/delete/edit of Coursepoints should be possible.
Perfect, strictly timed guiding even when using common trackpaths, multiple driving a path in same or opposite directions !

Automatic Guiding Navi Generations based on and by (re)routing maps in Locus = NON EXISTENT ! 
Routable map, and App as such, is not available in Locus.
See other treads routing subject. (Brouter and others).

Cursors / Icons / Voices / Problem with voice soundfiles
« on: November 03, 2014, 20:12:58 »

Navigation & Guidance / No .tcx file support Locus ?
« on: September 23, 2014, 10:21:24 »
No .tcx file Import. Export .tcx file. Not compatible with Garmin Gps.

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