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Discussion/New features / WikiLocation feature and alternative
« on: August 17, 2017, 21:16:37 »
Hi Menion, just wondered if you took the WikiLocation databases from Ben back in 2014 ? Or would you consider using the new and supported and official Wikipedia API that Ben mentions in his services termination post of 2014 ?   TXs and cheers from France Michael

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I did a series of routings for vacation planning and found that only one out of 10 or so targets appeared in the recently used list.
Can this pls. get fixed ?
TXs and cheers

Troubles & Questions / FC when deleting point from Appalachian trail
« on: September 03, 2016, 07:41:36 »
Hi all,
first observation is that Locus creates 1000s of arrow down icons while importing the trail tracks. The 10s of POIs are handled properly, and the track itself is valid, too, but for each segment Locus creates a useless point in addition. 1000s. Trying to delete one, Locus cycles forever and ends up in FC.
The issue I see is the amok import exercise in the first place.

Selecting the option Merge points with track will lead to long running import, that delivers only the extra points, but NOTHING from the track.

The GPX I use comes from here:

Moving from one Country to another correctly swizches maps, but the name displayed in the top bar stays with the map of the old place and only switches to the correct name at zoom level 15 or so.

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Troubles & Questions / Geo based access to Wikipedia
« on: May 22, 2016, 12:18:39 »
Hi Menion, I am on Sicily and face on gap in the information flow chain:

Locus shows a map section, all offline, I select search, then the Wikipedia of interest (language)   and then access to the Internet is needed. Once the list of nearby matches is presented, you can continue offline by using aard 2 app and SD card DBs. 
I saw you are using an older DB from Ben D.
Could this DB be downloaded and evaluated by the Locus app itself ?

TXs and cheers

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Fortsetzung von
in deutsch.

Hier meine Antworten:

Kann man vielleicht auch die Google Map unterlegen? ja - App Locus-addon Map Tweak hilft.

Wie kann ich während der Navigation eine Adresse, einen Punkt auf der Karte o.ä. abfragen u. dorthin navigieren? Während einer Navigation ist Locus weiter normal bedienbar, inkl. Adress-Suche, Punkt-Infos etc. Wenn Du dann dorthin navigierst (via > Kontextmenü, ist die alte Navigation natürlich tot. Probiere die Details einfach einmal aus.

Was hat es mit der Gültigkeit der Karten auf sich? Die wird von Locus nicht überwacht (d.h. keine automatischen Updates), und auch nicht limitiert. Ich nehme an die Frage geht um Offline-Karten. Bei den LoMaps von Asamm gibt es eine zeitlang Updates. Aber ich nutze praktisch nur die OpenAndroMaps-Karten.

Was heißt Karte neu initialisieren? Was ich mich natürlich nicht traue, weil da steht "own risk". Wo kommt diese Funktion vor ? Habe sie bisher nie gebraucht.
ist übrigens der Einstieg zum Benutzerhandbuch (CZ, E, D).

Schöne Grüße

Troubles & Questions / Tracking start stuck in "working" message
« on: March 16, 2016, 07:28:52 »
Even after hours no way to get back control. Reboot needed.

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Troubles & Questions / Hill shading and HGT downloads
« on: March 15, 2016, 21:14:54 »
Tried Hill shading for areas for which I do not yet have the HGTs on my SD.
Funny effect: the HGT covers more than shading is displaying. But the dynamic elevation does recognize and display the value. I attached a typical situation.

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Troubles & Questions / POI DBs not recognized
« on: January 22, 2016, 01:35:52 »
From earlier times I have many POI DB files along the OAM map files in mapsvector folder. In the past Locus recognised them all,  regardless of available map files and their names.
Since a while a POI DB file is only recognized if there is a map file with the same prefix name. E.g.  and austria.osm.db will show you the austria.osm POI file in the selection list. If there is only,  you will not see austria POI file. This is obstructive and not justified. POI DB should work even with online maps and not a single offline map. Pls. do not take your users hostage of the Locus vector map store.
Thank you.

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