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Wear for Locus Map / Re: Wear for Locus Map beta testing
« on: December 10, 2017, 10:48:00 »
@Peter Jurík,
could you please describe the problem with the map getting stuck a bit more? From my testing I see that map either goes to ambient mode after a while and keeps receiving updates or, if ambient is disabled, the watch goes to sleep and then after wake up application starts again and returns to track recording screen by default (right now it should not remember that map was actually opened previously). Do you use ambient mode (darkened screen/inverted map) or does your watch really return to map screen after wake up automatically?
Standalone function will not be supported in this version. What would you expect from standalone application? Would basic track recording functionality be enough?

thank you for testing. The navigation drawer should really be more advertised, we will try to make it more clear that it is there.
Autorotation of the map is currently disabled for the watch, but thanks for lettting us know, that you would be interested in this feature.

you are welcome :) We will let the navigation drawer peek for a little while every time any screen is shown to remind users that it is there. Thinking of adding some kind of intro/tutorial screen in the future.
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Wear for Locus Map / Re: Wear for Locus Map beta testing
« on: December 08, 2017, 07:37:48 »
Ok guys, I see there are some usability problems, so I would be really glad to know your opinion on
  • Inverted map in ambient mode - probably just get rid of it completely. Only the zoom buttons would hide and navigation bar would turn black&white to notify about ambient mode and map would stay the same?
  • Do you like/dislike navigation drawer as a menu? Do you have any problem with it? E.g. didn't notice it was there at first, or is difficult to open?
  • Main menu/navigation drawer - navigation drawer seems a bit confusing. Would you rather prefer some sort of main menu that was implemented previously? Maybe with an improvement that the app would open to the last screen you have visited last time so that you wouldn't have to go through the main menu every time you open the app?

Or if you have some other idea on how you would like the app to behave then please let me also know :) Thank you

P.S. skwal thanks for the test. I definitely see your problems with inverted map.
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Wear for Locus Map / Re: Wear for Locus Map beta testing
« on: December 08, 2017, 07:18:49 »
Hello Carsten54,
waypoint message should not get stuck, definitely a bug. Thank you for reporting this, I will try to fix it in the next version.
Map is accessible form the navigation drawer which should pop up when you swipe downwards from the very top of the screen. The drawer also opens the first time you open the app, but I see this is also somewhat confusing :/
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Wear for Locus Map / Re: Wear for Locus Map beta testing
« on: December 06, 2017, 21:52:34 »
Hello, thank you for such a quick feedback :)
Regarding the inverted map - yes it is intended, do you find it confusing?

When the backlight switches off the watch enters "ambient mode" and the controls should be disabled in this mode (i.e. zoom function of the map should not work in this mode). Same for track recording - screen goes black&white and controls disappear to let the user know, that the watch is in the ambient mode. The communication with the mobile phone stays on though and the screen refreshes regularly so there is still significant drain on battery even in this mode.

We could disable this feature but I think it is somehow customary to simplify the UI in ambient mode and go black&white or dark pallete when in this mode. But the whole point was for the app to be less confusing and let the user know of the switch to ambient so this feature is still up for a discussion.
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Wear for Locus Map / Wear for Locus Map beta testing
« on: December 06, 2017, 19:50:53 »
we have just released a beta version of Wear for Locus Map which is an add-on to Locus Map for your Android Wear watch and you are more than welcome to try it ;) Please see Wear for Locus Map on Google Play.

The version is not a very polished yet and is released mainly for testing purposes. The application now supports

- Map screen with zoom controls and side navigation panel when navigation is active.
--- know issues - there are still some issues with rendering navigation track on the map, it is kind of huge compared to the rest of the map. And the navigation on the watch doesn't currently show usual question mark symbol when off track.

- Track recording
--- start/stop/pause/add waypoint controls + track recording profile select before the recording start
--- showing basic statistics of current recording

For Android Wear 1.x users
- install Wear for Locus Map on your mobile phone and wait a few minutes for your watch to synchronize. The application Locus Map should appear in your application menu.

For Android Wear 2.0 users
The add-on must be installed separately for your phone and watch because the add-on is not part of the Locus Map app itself so that we could keep the whole add-on independent/separated and mainly open-sourced. In order to install we recommend to
- install Wear for Locus Map on your mobile phone
- then install Wear for Locus Map on your Android Wear 2.0 from the watch Google Play. The application Locus Map should appear in your application menu.

Please share if you have any crashes, trouble with the communication between the device and the watch or generally any inconvenient behavior or user interface problems.
So enjoy the testing and thank you in advance for any feedback :)
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