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They provide cases for a tiny fraction of Android phones and only for a handful of high end models.
That's the status quo for all name-brand, specialty phone cases, not just Lifeproof. Even Otter and Quadlock focus on Apple and Samsung. However, Quadlock does make a "universal" case where the phone is held in place with adhesive. Of course, it isn't waterproof so that feature must be part of the phone's design.

How about this off-brand, universal, waterproof case with bike mount?

It's inexpensive and has received good reviews. You can use it with non-waterproof phones which opens the door to a broader selection of Android phones.

FWIW, I used to use a Garmin Rino 530 HCx but, after extensive field trials, has been retired and replaced with Locus Map and a Moto X Play. It has a 3630 mAH battery and a bright, 5.5" FHD display (~403ppi density). I've run Locus Map for over ten hours, in track-recording mode, and the battery capacity dropped <30%.

Perhaps of less interest to cyclists but the phone has also served me well for winter-hiking. The internal battery temperature has been below freezing (reported by Locus Map) but has continued to function nominally for both navigation and photos:

Good luck with your search for the ideal Garmin replacement!
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